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Virtual Tour - Port of New York and New Jersey

The Port of NY and NJ is the largest port on the U.S. East Coast and is a leader in global commerce and the associated economic activity. The global supply chain and the Port of NY & NJ are experiencing record levels of cargo volumes and expect to see sustained growth above previously forecast levels into 2022. To strengthen the Port’s competitiveness and ensure the success of its maritime business partners, the Port relies on the continuous promotion of a strong regional workforce and adapting to new technologies across the industry to keep freight moving efficiently.


We heard from professionals managing current cargo operations, operating one of the Port’s marine terminals, and coordinating the communication between the agencies responsible for goods movement in NY-NJ waterways. We also learned more about the facilities and movement of cargo on our region’s shared waterways, as well as the diverse career pathways in the maritime transportation industry.

To watch recording, follow the link below:

Use access passcode: 80YA8#!+

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