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The NY/NJ Roundtable Spotlight

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Seth Rubin

Director of Business Development, SoapBox Inc.

Seth has a passion for helping business save time and money! But more importantly, he loves to connect good people with other good people in his network.

Seth recently joined Soapbox as their Head of Business Development.  Helping e-commerce brands navigate the fulfillment world is no easy feat unless you have great technology. And that's exactly what he does at Soapbox.

If you are or know anyone in the e-commerce world, whether it be a brand, fulfillment center (3PL) or anyone who consults in this space, Seth would love to connect.

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Keith Spero

Adjunct Professor at Union County College

Keith is a Business Entrepreneur.  Founder and Partner of DP&C Enterprises , LLC Keith is a source of deep Supply Chain Management Expertise.

Spero is known for being an adept Turnaround Manager and Subject Matter Expert in his field.


Keith also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Supply Chain Management at Union County Community College.  He's also a Board Member for Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) with the New York/New Jersey Round Table.

Specialties: Business Development , Supply Chain Management , Turnaround Manager

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