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Part Two of Two Part Series Presented by NY/NJ Roundtable with our UK Counterparts

Title: "The Trouble With Logistics: Developing Tomorrow's Personnel"

Original Air Date - November 3, 2021


The USA and UK are both currently experiencing the greatest disruptions to logistics seen in decades.  Successive supply chain disruptions, from the Covid pandemic to natural and man-made disasters, have exposed underlying problems, particularly those regarding the availability of logistics personnel, such as HGV drivers and warehouse staff.  While the rapid advent of digital transformation has promised to alleviate those issues, supply chains in both countries are suffering from delays and interruptions.


In this panel session, leading logistics figures will share what is happening in their respective areas and what some of the approaches have been to tackle those.


The CSCMP International Supply Chain Reflections Webinar series will bring together professionals from the United States and United Kingdom to discuss relevant topics affecting the global supply chain industry. Webinar topics will include a comparative analysis of US and UK markets, shifts in demand planning, and best practices regarding workforce retainage and hiring gaps.

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