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Board Members Attend 2019 Rutgers Supply Chain Banquet

On April 30, my fellow CSCMP NY/NJ roundtable board members Alain, Anne, Eric and Michael were thrilled to attend the Rutgers Supply Chain Banquet. The event was the first of its kind, sponsored by Rutgers Supply Chain Management and the student-led Rutgers University Supply Chain Association (RUSCA).

The Keynote Speaker was Rutgers graduate, Robert Giuliani, Founder and CEO of Playa Bowls, and there were three awards announced at the event: • Pathway to Partnership Award: Bettaway • Outstanding Student of SCM Award: Ameer Ali; and • Outstanding Professor of SCM Award: Professor Eugene Spiegle

One of the best parts of the evening was the casual networking, especially at the tables where there was a mix of graduating students and members of the industry. There is no doubt that Rutgers preparation of their students is A+, and that’s a key component of the successful growth of their Supply Chain programs, now ranked close to the top nationally. The students I’ve met either have jobs lined up before graduation or are very focused on their next steps, whether that’s employment or continuing their education, absolutely the type of young professionals we are seeking to attract at CSCMP. This is, no doubt, due to the philosophies and actions of Professor Spiegle, who values and integrates industry support for the Rutgers SCM program. Above and beyond, he clearly recognizes the value of CSCMP to his students and we greatly look forward to building our relationship with Rutgers.

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