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January Event Recap: What's happening in the Food & Beverage Supply Chain?

Our January event was a huge success as industry colleagues joined an expert panel to discuss the state of the Food & Beverage Supply Chain.

Sometimes technology is an enabler, and sometimes it’s not, especially when it comes to presentations and panel discussions. It was a wonderful and refreshing experience to watch and listen to industry experts Thomas Friend, Paul Myler, and Kevin Devine share their insights and experience. Without a single PowerPoint slide, an easy flowing panel discussion was moderated by our very own roundtable president, Erik Holck. The panelists shared personal and highly valuable insights, learned from their combined experience at some of the top food & beverage companies in the industry.

The panel discussion spanned several different areas of Food & Beverage Supply Chain, including:

  • Technology Changes and Evolving Trends in the Food and Beverage Industry

  • Globalization of the Food and Beverage Industry as it Relates to Supply Chain

  • SKU Proliferation

  • Supply Chain Transparency & Traceability

  • Retail Logistics & Warehousing Trends

  • Balance of Power Within the Industry, from Manufacturers to Retailers

  • Changing Food Safety and Regulatory Requirements – FDA and USDA

Our remaining events are sure to deliver value to all attendees, as our January event surely lived up to the standards you have all come to know and expect. Please be sure to visit our "Upcoming Events" page for more info on great tours, panel discussions, and networking events.

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