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YouTube Webinar: Driving ROI through ROO - Return on Optimization

Supply chain has never been a more visible topic than it is these days as we continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Different sectors of business have been classified as "essential", and others as "non essential", and people's ability to work - whether on-site, remotely, or even at all - varies locally, regionally, nationally, and even globally.

This has resulted in times that supply chain professionals have never seen.

To borrow our own Sponsorship Chair, Sandy Vosk's, exact words:

"... COVID-19 is affecting the physical and financial health of you and your employees and [I've been thinking a lot about] what the post-pandemic world will look like for your business. But most of all, as I watch the news each day, it’s become crystal clear about how critical it is to have a healthy supply chain.

As with COVID-19, there is no simple prescription for a healthy supply chain. But as I watch my wife — a registered nurse for almost 40 years — and her health care colleagues improvise every day with supplies they have on hand to make up for the supplies that are lacking, it occurs to me that we can do the same thing with our own supply chains.

With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to a webinar that I recorded prior to the pandemic outbreak with some colleagues and industry leaders, John Cosgrove, Joshua Chananie, CPA, & Neil O'Kane. You will learn a number of ways to improve service, operational efficiency, and most important, your profit margins. Like my wife and her healthcare colleagues, many of these ideas hinge on utilizing what you already have, more efficiently, especially in warehouse storage and picking.

We hope you gain value from viewing this webinar, and we look forward to continuing to serve you today, and always!

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