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6/18: Free E-Commerce Live Webinar

On June 18th at 12pm EDT, please join our very own Sandy Vosk of Advantage Technology Solutions as he hosts a free live webinar on how to improve efficiency and profitability in e-commerce operations.

E-Commerce was Exploding Before. Now It's a Supernova!

"As more people stay home, online ordering and demand for home delivery are increasing, creating order backlogs and putting pressure on delivery methods - in many cases among companies that were just beginning to get a handle on their e-commerce and omnichannel business strategies over the last couple of years." Victoria Kickham, Sr Editor, DC Velocity, May 2020

In non-automated e-commerce operations, order picking can result in more than 50% of overall warehouse labor costs. What shocks most executives is 55% of this cost can be associated with travel time. Looking for modest opportunities to optimize your existing operations can help you increase your profits, deliver products more efficiently, enhance customer satisfaction and expand your market share.

To learn specific ways you can apply this at your company, please register for a FREE, LIVE webinar on Thursday, June 18 at 12 noon ET. I am proud to be joined by industry expert, Lee Rector — Executive Vice President of Mantis, North America. You can register here:

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